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Zehn is currently recruiting the following:
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Restoration (1)
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Holy (1)
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Zehn Information

Who we are

Zehn is a small adult morning alliance raiding guild.
We are on the Aerie Peak(PvE) server which has a high ally pop and fast queue's/Nightfall BG (NYC data center).
We are a casual raiding guild.
We understand life issues and put the real world above the game.

Raid Times

Monday 9am - 12pm
Friday 9am - 12pm

<--The class/spec's on the left are class/specs we are missing or would like to add to our roster. Being able to play multiple specs well during any given raid is important. We always keep recruiting open just the spots listed are currently unfilled rolls.

We expect each player to have a full understanding of their classes and all the raiding 101 stuff.We will not take the time to explain every mechanic to a fight each raid...that makes our coffee get cold then we get grouchy!

What Casual Adult Raiding means to us:

  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We do not tolerate elitism or any sort of yelling or bullying of other players.
  • We help each other improve by being positive and using humor to be better players.

Were looking for mature adult players that want to progress at the 10 man level.
Even at a snails pace with our 6 hr raid week.

Zehn's history

Zehn was created at the beginning of Wrath by a group of players who pugged together along with transfers from various servers because of our oddball raid time. Zehn was one of the top 10man progression guilds in our time slot throughout Wrath even with our short raid times. Our claim to fame was being the first guild to 1 tank Sindragosa and we did it with only a 5% buff.

Interested in Joining or need more info?

Fill out an app at the top of the page. It's very short and basically is just to get your toon on the website. Resume and apps in the real world are painful enough, no one should have to do them in a game.

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